Eric Bischoff Advises AEW To Find Different Ways To Establish Themselves

Eric Bischoff wwe

Eric Bischoff recently spoke with Sportskeeda to discuss his thoughts on AEW using celebrities like NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal and hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg. Hear what he had to say below.

The more they try to compete with WWE and doing some of the same things that WWE is doing, for example, Shaquille O’Neal. I used Shaquille O’Neal for the very first time in wrestling in 1994. You know, Snoop Dogg has been around for a long time, and he has done a lot of things in WWE. He’s in the WWE Hall of Fame. So, that’s nothing new. I would look for; I would advise AEW to find new ways and different ways that haven’t been done before to establish themselves.

And if they are going to use celebrities, that’s great. I’m a big believer in using celebrities but using Mike Tyson, who was, you know, in WWE back in 1997, or whatever it was, 1998, and then using Shaquille O’Neal, who I used in 1994. Using Snoop Dogg, who has already been exposed quite a bit on WWE. Those aren’t new ideas. So, I would advise them to manage their own expectations, develop their own identity, and to look for a new way of presenting the product. Look for a new way to grow the audience as opposed to trying to replicate formulas that worked in the past.

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