Erick Rowan Breaks Down The Fiend Character, How It Could Work If Bray Wyatt Had Full Creative Control

Erick Rowan

Pro-wrestling star Erick Redbeard (fka Erick Rowan in WWE) was the latest guest on the Asylum Wrestling Store’s virtual signing, where the former multi-time tag champion spoke about Bray Wyatt’s Fiend character, and why it has had mixed reactions due to booking inconsistencies. He adds that the character could work if Wyatt was given complete creative control.

Highlights are below.

Why the Fiend character is hard to make work:

In wrestling, it’s very hard to be a serial killer because you can’t keep dying, you know? Because you gotta come back for the sequels. When they burnt him to a crisp, it was like, ‘Oh well, what are they gonna do next?’ Because you can’t burn him in front of a live audience anymore. No, but I’m a fan of it because when I was wearing all the different masks and I had all the different ones before The Bludgeon Brothers, I know I did Talking Smack where I was a character that had multiple personalities so I’m glad something like that is getting on TV because it’s cool, but it’s like, there’s no right or wrong way to do it and up there, you only have so much control of what you can be.

Thinks Wyatt should had full creative control on the character’s storylines:

So, if he can get enough creative control, it would work but it’s all up to booking too. If Goldberg can beat him in two seconds but Seth Rollins can not beat him and throw everything but the kitchen sink at him, it’s just — it doesn’t make for a good watch.

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