Evan Bourne Has “No Idea” When He Will Return To WWE

WWE Evan Bourne

We reported earlier this week that Evan Bourne is still on crutches and has several more  months before he can return to the ring. Bourne tweeted another update on his status on Wednesday, stating that he still has “no idea” when he’ll be healthy to return and will be meeting with doctors again soon:

“I wish I was on the #RAW European tour. It’s grueling but #WWE superstars live and breathe for these semi-annual extravaganzas. #jealous”

“My foot should* be healed by November! I would love love love to be on #RAW or #SMACKDOWN international tours. #ineedfrequentflyermiles”

“To clarify: I have no clue when I’ll be 100% healed. I follow up with the doc in a few weeks and I may have a better idea then. #endofsummer”

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