Goldberg Reunites With Sting At Appearance (Photo)

Goldberg and Sting Stand Alone Wrestling

Over the weekend two of the biggest names in WCW history reunited with one another.

Both Goldberg and Sting were at the Stand Alone Wrestling: Boardwalk Beatdown Pro Wrestling Experience convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Goldberg and Sting reunited and took a photo with one another.

Sting sported the old WCW World Title around his shoulder while Goldberg held the WWE Universal Title. Goldberg also met up with WWE legend Haku and took a photo with him as well.

He uploaded the photo to his Instagram to share with professional wrestling fans. Check it out here:

“Never know who your going to run into!!! To say these 2 men had a positive influence on me during my wrestling days is a mild understatement! Seems like just yesterday!!”

There’s no doubt that Sting and Goldberg are two of the biggest professional wrestling stars ever produced by WCW. Sting was with the promotion from 1987 until its collapse in 2001. During his tenure “The Stinger” captured one NWA World Heavyweight Championship and six WCW World Titles.

Goldberg also had a tremendous run with the company. He began his professional wrestling career with WCW in the late ’90s and had an undefeated streak that lasted a year. Eventually he defeated Hulk Hogan to win the WCW World Title on a historic episode of Nitro.

After the company went under Goldberg had two runs with WWE. His latest featured a great rivalry with Brock Lesnar that included a WWE Universal Title run. Sting finally came to WWE in 2014.

He feuded with Triple H but lost to “The Game” at WrestleMania 31. He went on to have matches with Seth Rollins and The Big Show before being inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 2016 – announcing his retirement. Goldberg wasn’t too far behind, as he was inducted into the Hall Of Fame himself this past April.

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