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Hulk Hogan On How The Leg Drop Became His Finisher

WWE Hulk Hogan

During an interview with WWE, Hulk Hogan discussed his leg drop finisher having its origins in Japan. Here’s what he had to say:

When I dropped the leg, and nobody kicked out, it meant something. In the arena nowadays, in professional wrestling, if somebody used a leg drop for a finish, you’d probably have to come off the top of the building to get your opponent to stay down, because the wrestlers are so creative now.

But at the time, when I dropped the leg, I beat people, it meant something. The place would explode on the one, two three. Now I see the leg drop as a false finisher, or they’ll use it as a high spot in the match, it’s to the point where everybody does it and everybody kicks out, it doesn’t mean anything. But at the time when I did it, when I first dropped it over in Japan, oh my god, the volume of the crowd and how they reacted, I was like ‘Oh my gosh, I might be on to something here.’

So when I brought it back to the States and I started dropping the leg drop, I started entertaining the crowd with my look and all this stuff, so they were with what I was doing, so when I dropped the leg, and the referee started counting, it was like a cannon. But it was just my luck that I dropped the leg drop in Japan and got the reaction that I did, so I just stuck with it.

You can listen to the interview below:




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