Jake “The Snake” Roberts is currently unconscious in a hospital

Jake The Snake Roberts

WWE Hall Of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts is currently unconscious in a hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Roberts flew to Vegas on Wednesday for an event, however reports claim that he passed out on the airplane and has remained unconscious ever since.

An ambulance took Roberts from the plane to the nearby hospital, which is where the WWE Hall Of Famer currently resides.

Additionally, Roberts is reportedly suffering from double pneumonia and doctors have claimed that his lungs are filled with fluid and that there is a mass on his brain.


Diamond Dallas Page has provided additional information regarding the condition of Jake “The Snake” Roberts. You can read that story at the following link: DDP Gives Update On Jake Roberts Being Hospitalized In Las Vegas.

– Bodhi tweeted the following update on Jake Roberts last night from a hospital in Las Vegas:

“With @JakeSnakeDDT at hospital, he’s more worried about disappointing fans then getting better! We told him 2 shut up &beat this phnemonia!”

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