James Ellsworth’s Favorite Moment In WWE

James Ellsworth

Former WWE superstar James Ellsworth recently did an interview with Andy Malnoske of Wrestling Inc. to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Ellsworth revealed that competing against AJ Styles for the WWE Championship was his favorite moment with the company:

“If you’re asking what my favorite moment was, it was that, wrestling for the WWE title,” Ellsworth said. “It’s AJ Styles, who’s the best wrestler in the world, in a main event match on SmackDown, favorite moment.”

Back in 2016 Ellsworth worked a match against Braun Strowman as a jobber. The fans’ reaction to him got him over and WWE decided to bring him on as a regular talent. Ellsworth said everything just happened at the right time:

“Luckily for me, it was just lightning in a bottle,” he said. “Right opponent, Braun Strowman, got 15 to 20 seconds of promo time, it just all came together so well. That performance that night with Braun Strowman, fans got behind it after that and I appreciate every fan that’s ever helped me out because of that.”

Ellsworth then discussed what it was like to interact with each of the McMahons – Vince, Shane, and Stephanie:

“Vince is the boss, I’ve had a couple conversations with him up there. It’s like any other job, he’s the boss, so very employee-to-boss conversations,” Ellsworth said. “Shane’s more ‘one of the boys,’ so I’d talk to Shane. Stephanie, I didn’t see her much because she was on RAW and I was on SmackDown, but when I did see her she was very sweet and always said hi. That’s about it.”

Since departing from WWE, Ellsworth has been doing work for NWA (which is now owned by Smashing Pumpkins singer and former IMPACT Wrestling President Billy Corgan). He is also working on the independent circuit as well and hopes to one day make it back to WWE:

“I’m doing stuff with the NWA, Billy Corgan owns the NWA now… So I’m working with them a lot, I’m doing as many indies as possible,” he said. “I get to travel the world still and do my thing, and then when the time is right, I think you’ll see me back in WWE.”

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