Jerry Lawler and Lita Officially Removed from Weekly WWE Programming

wwe forme diva lita

WWE has confirmed that Hall of Famers Lita and Jerry Lawler have been removed from regular weekly WWE programming.

As noted, the two were pulled from the RAW Pre-show, along with Scott Stanford, beginning this week. The pre-show was also cut down to 10 minutes from 30 minutes. The new RAW Pre-show hosts are Charly Caruso and Booker T, and a similar change is expected for the SmackDown Pre-shows.

Both Lawler and Lita have been moved from full-time deals to WWE Legends contracts and the decision was made to remove them from the RAW, SmackDown and pay-per-view panels.

It was noted that both are still loosely affiliated with the company and may be brought back to TV on the WWE Network for special occasions.

As noted, WWE is experimenting with new pay-per-view panel guests as Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg worked the TLC panel on Sunday.

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