John Cena Makes $500K Donation to Celebrate First Responders Day


John Cena announced on Monday that he is making a donation of $500,000 to a charity of Paramount Pictures’ choosing, as long as it aids first responders of the country.

Cena announced the donation as a part of National First Responders Day. The WWE Superstar plays a firefighter in Paramount’s “Playing with Fire” comedy movie that hits theaters on November 8. You can see the trailer above.

As seen in the video below, Cena noted that he was inspired to make the donation by the first responders currently battling the wildfires in California.

Paramount responded to Cena’s original tweet and announced the two organizations the money will be going to – the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation and the California Fire Foundation.

Cena captioned his video and wrote, “I’m asking that today on #FirstRespondersDay we do everything we can to help those who risk their lives to protect us all.”

Paramount responded, “Thank you @JohnCena for your generosity & dedication to our first responders. We’ve chosen two charities to share your donation: @CAFireFound & the @LAFDFoundation, which provide essential services to the dedicated firefighters who are working tirelessly to keep us safe.”

Cena wrote back, “Two incredible choices. @LAFDFoundation and @CAFireFound … on behalf of Paramount and the cast of #PlayingWithFireMovie, a total of $500K is coming your way. Thank you for what you do. Help is on the way!!!”

You can see the related tweets below:

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