John Cena Opens Up About Nikki Bella Split

John Cena Nikki Bella Total Bellas

WWE Superstar John Cena recently did an interview with Entertainment Tonight to promote his upcoming Transformers spin-off of Bumblebee. Cena was first asked about his recent split with longtime girlfriend Nikki Bella:

“Oh, it sucks. No, there’s no other way to say that. I love Nicole with all my heart and that’s that.”

As for his upcoming Transformers spinoff, Cena recognizes this is a huge opportunity and is extremely humbled by it:

“It is and I say that the most humble way I can. To be asked and honored to be involved in Transformers, it truly is a major thing. I’m very happy to be a part of this, especially dissecting the move back to its roots. Bumblebee is such a popular Transformer and now we’re going to go on a journey with Bumblebee to answer a lot of questions about Bumblebee and I’m just happy to be along for the ride.”

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