John Cena Returns To China With New Tattoo


16-time WWE World Champion John Cena has returned to Beijing, China to continue filming his upcoming movie, “Project X.” Cena posts on China’s “Weibo” social media platform regularly. He usually posts small clips documenting his day. However, in recent videos, it was noticed that Cena had an apparent tattoo on his right forearm.

Throughout several clips, the entirety of the tattoo can’t be fully made out, however, the word “Ghost” can clearly be seen spelled out. Check out the clips here:

It’s possible Cena’s tattoo is simply a fake for the film. Cena has had to make a lot of changes to his appearance for the project. He has lost a significant amount of weight and grew out his hair a bit. Cena has been on a hiatus from WWE for the past several months as a result.

During his time away, he has continued to film “Project X,” as well as having released a children’s book, “Elbow Grease.” Cena also has several film projects lined up after he finishes up his “Project X” obligations. Cena plans on wrestling at WrestleMania this April, however, he likely won’t return until it’s time to build up the match.

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