John Cena

John Cena Set to Star In New Suicide Squad Spinoff for TV

HBO Max has picked up Peacemaker, which is the TV spin-off of The Suicide Squad. It will star veteran WWE Superstar John Cena, according to Deadline.

Season 1 will feature right episodes of Peacemaker, which will explore the origins of the character that Cena plays, The Peacemaker, in the 2021 Suicide Squad movie.

Cena is also serving as an Executive Producer for the HBO Max series, along with Peter Safran, who is a producer of The Suicide Squad, and James Gunn. Gunn, who is the director of The Suicide Squad, will write all eight episodes and direct several of them.

Peacemaker is scheduled to begin filming in early 2021, before Gunn begins work on the next Guardians of the Galaxy film.

Cena’s character, which was created by Joe Gill and Pat Boyette and first appeared in the Fightin’ 5 series originally owned by Charlton Comics, is a man who believes in peace at any cost, no matter how many people he has to kill to get it.

The new HBO Max series will extend the world that Gunn is creating for the feature film, which is scheduled to be released in theaters on August 6, 2021.

Cena said in a press release, “I have said before that it has been a tremendous honor and an incredible opportunity to be part of The Suicide Squad and to work with James on what is going to be a fantastic movie. I am unbelievably excited to have the chance to team up with him again for Peacemaker. We can’t wait for fans to see this.”

You can see Cena’s character for the movie below, in a promo that was released in late August. New tweets from Cena and Gunn are also below.