John Cena Speaks on New Ring Attire, What’s Bull Doing?

John Cena has officially dropped the jorts! In an interview with WWE‘s official website, Cena said: “The jean shorts, for the moment, have been retired. These are military-issued camo, and I think they will stand out. I have every U.S. Military service branch represented: Army, Marine Corps., Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard. I’ll be changing it up from time to time.


On his new motto printed on the new t-shirt, Cena said: “I have a varied group of loyal fans out there that will literally back me through thick and thin. I’m known for crazy graphics and colors on my shirts, and I’ve pretty much run through the entire rainbow. I didn’t want the message to be drowned out with a graphic or anything like that, so we went real simple and put the words ‘Rise Above Hate’ with ‘Hustle, Loyalty, Respect’ on the back.”

It’s noteworthy to mention that his new t-shirt has the Be A Star logo printed on the sleeve.

Remember Bull Buchanan? He was a prominent member of the Right to Censor and later became John Cena’s rapping ally. The former WWE Tag Team Champion is now working at a SONY distribution and packaging center in Carrollton, Ga. He still wrestles locally and runs a professional wrestling school.


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