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John Cena Will Be Replacing Fred Flintstone From ‘Fruity Pebbles’ Box

John Cena will be replacing Fred Flintstone on 4 million Fruity Pebbles boxes for a limited-edition promotion.

“We’ve just been talking with kids. They wanted more variety,” said Sharon Pupel, who is a marketing director with Post. “Fred isn’t necessarily the … coolest or [most] relevant guy for kids who we are going after.”

John Cena - Fred Flintstone -  Fruity Pebbles Box

The promotion follows last year’s WWE – Fruity Pebbles tie-in, where Cena was featured on the top of the box of the cereal while Fred Flintstone was in the front. This time, he’ll be replacing the iconic cartoon character altogether. Cena may also return to the cereal box in the fall when school is back in session.

WWE Executive Vice President of Sales & Partnership Marketing Andrew Judelson said that the partnership is the result of the company’s directive to move to PG, and that other deals are in the works. Judelson stated that they recently signed a deal for a promotion with Colgate-Palmolive’s Irish Spring soap.

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