John Cena’s Win at Money in the Bank: Was It Botched?

The ending of the five-person Money in the Bank ladder match for the WWE title had many fans scratching their heads.

The moment in question came before John Cena‘s seemingly improbable victory, when he and Big Show were standing at opposite ends of a gargantuan ladder. After a brief period of struggle, Cena used the hanging briefcase as both a shield and a weapon to wallop the side of Show’s head.

However, instead of having to unbuckle the red briefcase from the hook, Cena was the beneficiary of happenstance when the briefcase completely snapped off just as he swung it at Big Show.

This development spurred wrestling fans on both Twitter and message boards to question whether Cena’s victory was planned or not.

In other words, were any of the other four competitors supposed to win the match?

In his recap of the pay-per-view event on, Dave Meltzer cleared up the pandemonium by insisting that Cena was the planned winner all along:

Just got a note from backstage. They said Twitter was blowing up with the idea that wasn’t the finish, and while Cena got the briefcase a second early, it was the planned finish.  

Because the script was not really compromised, one could argue that, if anything, the briefcase breaking free was a an intriguing and creative finish.

Of course, if anyone but Cena ended up with the briefcase, the WWE would be scrambling to either go in a different direction or find a way to give the West Newbury, MA native the title shot anyway.

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