John Laurinaitis Makes Huge Blunder During Monday Night Raw

For those of you that were watching Raw, you witnessed the WWE attempt the biggest cover-up in recent history.

During the show, John Laurinaitis addressed the fans and stated that he had rehired the Big Show on Saturday.

This scenario would have obviously violated the stipulation for John Cena and John Laurinaitis’ Over the Limit match. As the stipulation  stated, if any wrestler on the WWE roster interfered in the match, Johnny Ace would lose his job. So, having  “former” WWE employee the Big Show interfere seemed like the perfect option for the WWE.

That is until Laurinaitis made that statement. Ultimately, Micheal Cole attempted to put out the fire by stating that Show had agreed in principle to come back to the WWE and wasn’t officially re-signed until Monday morning.

Then the following tweet went out from WWE’s official twitter account.

This blunder also prompted the WWE to have one of their on-line “backstage exclusives” that allowed Mr. Entertainment to give a better explanation of Show’s rehiring.

However, he couldn’t even get that right, as he stated Show signed at 11:05 Sunday night, which to me means Cole’s cover-up is now not accurate.

Even though this was a huge faux pas, here are a few things that played in the WWE’s favor. First, John Laurinaitis has been documented and poked fun of on WWE TV over his constant flubs. Second, this incident happened during a time where they can address it on the Web immediately.

Let’s face it, if this were 10-12 years ago, they would’ve had to explain it on SmackDown, then address it again on the following Raw, all while fans would stew at home. Overall, the WWE had to put out a huge fire last night over a storyline. And if that’s all they have to worry about, it’s not the end of the world.

In the end, the WWE has done all they could to explain away the statement and we will probably never hear of it again. So the question is, are you as a fan happy with how it was handled, or do you feel the WWE could have done better with this?

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