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Jon Moxley Responds to Chris Jericho’s Invitation To Join The Inner Circle

Jon Moxley promised to give Chris Jericho his answer tonight about the invitation to join Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle stable. Moxley announced that he accepted and they all celebrate together. The fans were stunned for a majority of the segment. Moxley stopped the celebration and asked for the keys to the car Jericho had promised him. Jericho cuts a promo on how great the Inner Circle is now. Jericho mentions how he and Moxley won their NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom matches during the promo.

They continued to celebrate and it seemed as though the show was going to go off the air with all the members leaving the ring. Once it gets down to Jericho and Moxley, Moxley tells him that he’s just kidding and bashes a bottle over his head followed by the Paradigm Shift DDT. Moxley told Jericho that the only thing Jericho has that he could ever want is the AEW World Heavyweight title. The show ended with Moxley escaping through the crowd.

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