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JR Blog: Cena Heel Turn, Undertaker-WM28, Morrison

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with another blog update at JR wrote about a number of topics, including CM Punk’s popularity, whether Shawn Michaels is really retired, whether the Ultimate Warrior could get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012, The Rock’s return to the ring at Survivor Series and much more.

Here are some highlights of what JR said about:

John Cena Turning Heel:“There is a large part of the beloved WWE Universe who enjoys booing Cena and like to see John in less than positive situations. So, what would said change be exactly? Cena would get the little kids and the women to boo him? Come on, and forgo all that merchandise that he sells? That makes zero sense to me. Cena’s in ring, TV persona is somewhat reminiscent of Bret Hart’s TV persona during a point in time of his WWE run. The Cena ‘turning into a full fledged villain role’ as some fans constantly encourage seems over thought in my opinion. ”

The Undertaker’s Return: “There is rampant speculation as to when the Deadman will return, who he will wrestle at WM28, who wins, who loses in Miami, how many matches that Taker is planning on having before he retires and even more on his current hair style … The Undertaker is WWE’s most enduring star and ‘The Streak’ is as big a part of Wrestlemania as any thing on the card in the eyes of many fans. Adding the Undertaker to the WM28 mix, say after the first of the year, will add needed momentum to the April 1, 2012 event.”

John Morrison’s Future With WWE/TNA: “Upon further review, it might make more sense than many John Morrison fans think for John to step away from WWE now that his WWE contract has expired. John has had a few injuries that rest and physical therapy will help greatly. Plus, he’s free to enjoy the holidays. I can see John taking a few months, perhaps even a year, off, heal, recharge his batteries and then return to WWE. Of course the obvious question from many fans is when will Morrison turn up on another company’s wrestling, TV show? Personally, I don’t see that happening but that’s merely one guy’s opinion. John is a talented athlete and certainly wish him the best.”

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