Kane Discusses Team Hell No, The Undertaker Believing In Him

Team Hell No RAPS on JBL & Cole Show

WWE Legend Kane has a new autobiography titled Mayor Kane: My Life in Wrestling and Politics. In an interview with Sporting News, Kane discussed his new book and explained how he is currently semi-retired from WWE. 

Reflecting on his long career with the promotion, Kane referred to his time working with Daniel Bryan as a part of Team Hell No as the most fun he’s had in wrestling.

“That’s what I would attribute my longevity to, frankly, is the ability to reinvent myself,” he said. “And I think that’s true for anyone who has a long career. They never stay the same character, quite the same character, the whole way through. Speaking about Daniel Bryan, specifically, that was a blast and some of the most fun I had in my entire career because it was an absolute departure from the character that I played earlier.”

He continued, “If you asked people in 1998 and again in 2004 would Kane be comic relief on the show, they would have looked at you like you were crazy. All of that was amazing. I hope that I was able to show people that I wasn’t just somebody who had a mask and didn’t talk all the time. There was some depth and I could do some different things and was hopefully a more well-rounded performer than people probably initially thought that I would be.”

Kane’s long-time on-screen brother, The Undertaker, provided one of the forewords to his autography. He explained how ‘Taker has always been an advocate for him, noting how their first match took place in Smoky Mountain Wrestling in 1995. With their characters so interlinked on-screen, Kane spoke openly about how he would never have had the career he has enjoyed without The Undertaker. 

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