Kane On People’s Perception Of Vince McMahon

WWE Chairman Vince Mcmahon

Before becoming the Mayor of Knox County, Kane spent more than two decades in WWE as an active performer, during which he developed a strong relationship with the owner of the company Vince McMahon.

During his recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, the former World Champion talked about a number of things, and he also tried to clear a misconception about the Boss.

Kane first revealed that Mr. McMahon was very supportive of his decision of becoming a mayor and he went on to claim that the perception that Vince McMahon is a heartless person is not true at all:

“I think that people think Vince McMahon is this heartless person that takes advantage of everyone, uses people until they are all used up and then discards the husk of the human being that he has pulled all of the energy out of. That is frankly not the case at all.

Does Vince McMahon make business decisions? Yes. I told him to his face one time, the one thing that you are bad at as a businessman is that you give people too many chances. They stab you in the back and then you turn around and bring them back.”

The Big Red Monster went on to say that the reason McMahon gives chances to people is that sometimes he believes that he can make money off of them and other times he has some sort of emotional bond and loyalty with them.

This according to the former ECW Champion, is almost a fault with him and this belief about the Boss is the biggest misconception people have about him.

Apart from this, Kane also talked about how his wrestling career helped him in his mayoral campaign, how Vince McMahon wants people to be successful and more. You can check out Kane’s comments in the video below:

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