Kevin Nash Wrestles! – 11/9 Live Event in Nottingham, UK

– The crowd were hot for CM Punk with at least 1 in 5 fans wearing CM Punk merchandise – easily more than any other superstar.

1. Santino Marella beat Drew McIntyre. Santino pulled out the win after nailing McIntyre with the Cobra! Santino was over with the crowd and McIntyre drew a decent reaction too.

2. Alex Riley and Primo beat David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty. Riley and Primo formed a successful team here with Riley making the hot tag and planting McGillicutty with his finishing move for the pinfall win.

3. US Championship match: Dolph Ziggler (c) beat John Morrison. This was match of the night with good solid work by both performers. The match went for at least 10 minutes. Ziggler countered Starship Pain several times and Morrison even kicked out of a Zig Zag. Ziggler picked up the win after a Superkick. Post-match, Ziggler went to nail Morrison with the title but Morrison avoided it and ended up hitting Starship Pain to please the fans. Interestingly on the way out Ziggler signed an autograph for a fan breaking kayfabe. Throughout the match, there were lots of ‘Let’s Go Ziggler, Ziggler Sucks’ chants.

Nikki and Brie Bella hosted a dance-off next! They got 4 fans in the ring, a young guy, 2 young girls and a toddler. The toddler had EVERYONE in the arena cheering when he danced and got one of the biggest pops of the night. The other 3 got booed, by virtue of the fact they were against a toddler. The kid won a backstage meet and greet with WWE superstars.

4. Divas Championship: Beth Phoenix (c) beat Eve Torres. Beth planted Eve with a Glam Slam for the win. Post-match, Beth continued the beat down of Eve until Kelly Kelly hit the ring to make the save chasing Beth off. There were some ‘Boring’ chants throughout the match, but they were from a small pocket of fans. The match was decent overall.

5. John Cena, Zack Ryder and Kofi Kingston beat The Miz, R-Truth and Kevin Nash. Cena nailed The Miz with an Attitude Adjustment for the win. Just prior to that, the other 4 men took each other out leaving The Miz and Cena alone in the ring. Nash took a few bumps, but nothing too major. Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise on him and Ryder launched himself over the ropes on top of Nash. Miz and Truth received the biggest heel reaction of the night from the crowd by far.

6. WWE Championship: CM Punk beat Alberto Del Rio (c) via DQ. During the match, Ricardo Rodriguez tripped CM Punk which led the referee to ban Ricardo from ringside. Later, the referee took a bump and CM Punk nailed Del Rio with the GTS. As Punk was pinning Del Rio, Ricardo ran back down and interfered. The referee came to as Ricardo nailed Punk with a steel chair causing the referee to call for the DQ.

Post-match, Del Rio continued the beat down on CM Punk and was joined by Dolph Ziggler, Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga. John Cena, Zack Ryder, Kofi Kingston and Eve Torres rushed to the ring making the save. All the heels except Ziggler ran off leaving Ziggler to taste everyone’s finishing move. Eve finished things up with a top-rope moonsault on Ziggler! The faces then posed for the fans and left. CM Punk was the last to leave and was slapping hands with fans until after way his music cut off.

Biggest Pops
1. CM Punk
2. The kid who won the dance off
3. Zack Ryder
4. John Cena
5. Kofi Kingston


Biggest Heat
= 1. The Miz
= 1. R-Truth
3. Alberto Del Rio
4. Drew McIntyre
5. Kevin Nash

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