Latest Update On Matt Hardy’s Contract Negotiations With WWE

Matt Hardy has started a new series on his YouTube channel focused on his ‘Broken’ character recently and it appears that the series called Free The Delete could lead to some very interesting developments for the former champion.

According to reports from PWInsider, Hardy does not have a lot of time left in his current contract with WWE and his current deal with the company is set to expire in February 2020.

While Matt has been discussing a new deal with the company officials, there is a sticking point in his negotiations with the promotion which has stopped him from re-signing with the company.

Per the reports, WWE and the former TNA star are not too far apart on the financial side of things, but the 45-year-old star believes that his upcoming contract could be his last in professional wrestling.

So the former World Champion wants to be used in a certain way and how he will be used by the company in future is the main point of discussion that is stopping him from signing a new contract.

The YouTube series which Hardy has started producing recently is something he is doing on his own and WWE is not involved in the production. The videos and some of his latest tweets are seen as a preparation for his possible departure from WWE.

While there is still time and Matt Hardy could still reach an agreement with officials, the site indicates that he has no non-compete clause in his contract and the Broken one will be free to perform elsewhere in February if he decides not to re-sign.

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