Mark Henry Praises Baron Corbin

Mark Henry

Mark Henry was today’s guest on SiriusXM’s “Busted Open Radio”. During the interview, he was asked if he felt that Baron Corbin was disliked due to a perception that he lacked passion for the business. Henry vehemently disagreed with that assessment and offered strong praise for Corbin:

Henry On The Idea That Corbin Only Wrestles Because His NFL Career Ended:

That’s not true at all. I guess you could say that about Wahoo McDaniel. I guess you could say that about Ernie Ladd. You could say that about Bradshaw. There are so many guys that were football players that came to the WWE not because they were a football player and had notoriety, but because they loved the business. They loved it. They were fans.

On Why Corbin Reminds Him Of Himself:

[Corbin is] just like me. I didn’t come from wrestling. I didn’t know you could do it. How do you become a pro wrestler? I never asked a question because I never thought it was possible. Don’t think there are a ton of pro football players that are lined up that WWE are going to sign and put in the ring. It’s not going to happen. We had 10 NFL-type guys at the last camp I was at down in Orlando. We didn’t sign any of them. Not one. So, don’t think it’s this easy crapshoot of let’s roll these guys from the combine and make them a wrestler. That’s not the way it works.

On Why He Thinks Corbin Has What It Takes:

Baron Corbin is a guy that is athletic, passionate about being a wrestler, and wanting to be good at it. He didn’t want to just do it for the sake of doing it to make a dollar here, he wants to be somebody. If you look at his body of work he’s on the right path. Whether you like him or not due to the role he’s playing, that’s just tough.

You can listen to the episode of Busted Open Radio with Mark Henry below:

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