Mark Henry Says He Would Work With Conor McGregor in WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry has made further comments regarding UFC megastar Conor McGregor. As we recently reported Henry commented on McGregor’s recent demeanour, following his win at UFC 246. “Conor McGregor is on quality control” Mark Henry stated. The ‘World’s Strongest Man’ would also make some explosive comments regarding the MMA fighter; “He said things that was completely out of line, specially as it relates to him coming into the [WWE] locker room and slapping everybody because, I’m gonna tell you what. At that time, I was actually in the locker room. I welcome any 140 pounds or less guy on the planet to come and slap my face. I will tear your skin off. AND I will hang your skin in my closet.”

McGregor In The Royal Rumble?

Fellow WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray started the Busted Open podcast by asking Henry about McGregor. “Do you think Conor McGregor could be successful in the WWE?” Bully began. “And…do you think that there’s any chance in hell that he’s a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble?”

“That’s just the way I’ve been taught in this business.” – Mark Henry

Mark Henry then confirmed that he believes that McGregor would be a fit for the biggest pro wrestling company on the planet. “As a businessman, I do think that he could. I would not let my personal feelings for him affect business. That’s just the way I’ve been taught in this business. Do I think that he will be an entrant in the Battle Royal? No.”

“…but he’s too stupid to realise what doing good business is.” – Mark Henry

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