Matt Hardy Discusses Possibility Of WWE Return & His Departure

Matt Hardy Returns to WWE RAW

Matt Hardy recently discussed a wide range of topics including his decision to leave WWE as well as a potential return to the company with

Hardy let his contract with the company expire back on March 1st. Since that time, while fans have speculated over his future, he has yet to sign a contract with any promotion.

In this interview, he was asked about leaving, which he noted, “I mean I was determined if I didn’t get my dialogue and I didn’t get my creative concerns addressed, I was going to leave. I just determined that.”

Hardy noted that he worked to do that. He did mention how he was treated great by WWE management as they were professional and took great care of him. Everyone from Mark Carrano to Triple H.

“It’s like I didn’t want to leave, but I had to leave that creative process.”

Matt Hardy Discusses His Future

While Hardy has talked to other promotions, there is still a chance that Hardy could make a return to the company, which he addressed. However, he knows the stage of his career right now.

“I mean there would be a possibility, but I would need assurances. This is really important to me, like how I do these next three or four years. I’m not 25 or 30 years old. I have some good matches left in me, but I don’t have a good match every day of the week, and I can’t do it four or five days a week like I used to. I just don’t bounce back like that.”

Hardy has confirmed being in talks with various promotions such as AEW, NWA, ROH, and Impact Wrestling. He has yet to announce where he plans to join but has stated that it will be within the next 30 days.

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