More Notes From Last Night’s RAW 1000: Undertaker Wardrobe Issues, Cena Reacts To Mistake, More

I know some of this was already been posted, but here is some more information about last night:

Near the end of the DX segment, the cameramen were trying to get Triple H‘s attention, then they were rushed out of the ring to the top of the ramp (I’m assuming there were some time constraints).

Crowd was very shocked by the announcement of AJ as the new GM.

Crowd was very hot for the Triple H – Brock Lesnar fight.

A Howard Finkel chant broke out after he came to the ring before the show came back on the air.

Crowd was indifferent but somewhat negative during the Charlie Sheen segments throughout the night.

A “Let’s Go Cena/ Cena Sucks” chant broke out so loud during the John Cena/Rock backstage segment that it was hard to hear what they were saying on the screen

I don’t know how much of it was seen on camera, but Undertaker had major issues getting his arms/hands out of his coat. It took about a minute and 2-3 people assisting for him to finally get his left arm completely free.

The crowd really turned on Punk after he attacked Rock.

After Raw, as others reported, Show attempted to re-attack Cena and Rock. Both teamed up on him, hitting the AA and the Rock Bottom respectively. Rock asked Cena to move Show more in the center of the ring for the elbow. Cena goofed around acting like Show was too heavy to swing around. He finally grabbed both of Show’s legs and was able to swing him around with a huge yell. Rock wanted to do the People’s Elbow but didn’t have an elbow pad or arm-band, so Cena offered a Cenation armband. Rock joked about how big it was, then went ahead and put it on to use for the People’s Elbow. Rock and Cena saluted each other, shook hands, and Rock patted him on the back before Cena left the ring. Rock thanked the fans and signed a few autographs before posing on the ramp. Big Show stayed in the ring just looking up toward the ramp until the lights came back on and everyone started to leave.

It was very different to see Rock and Cena work so well together after all the build-up to Wrestlemania and the confrontation they had earlier in the night. It was very cool to see the Rock twice on the show!

– On Backstage Fallout, John Cena was asked about unsuccessfully cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase on Raw against CM Punk. He responded, “My mistake.”

Cena continues, “We all know I’ve had issues with CM Punk in the past, but it’s been (pause), the word respect comes up. If you’re the champ, nobody has any loyalty to anything. The word respect comes to mind, even when we’re at each other’s throats. It just respect. I go back to Money in the Bank when Vince went to throw it out and I told him no, and I lost. My watch, my terms, and I respect that.”

The Miz, Heath Slater and Daniel Bryan also react to Raw events.

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