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New Rumor on John Cena’s WrestleMania 36 Opponent

Dave Meltzer reported on the Sunday morning edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that John Cena’s currently scheduled WrestleMania opponent is Elias. Meltzer 100% disagrees with the decision and he hopes it is changed. But as of right now Elias is the man. The angle is to be shot on the Friday, February 28 edition of Smackdown when Cena returns to WWE.

The following is a partial transcript from WOR:

Meltzer: Cena is going to wrestle at WrestleMania this year.

Alvarez: Who’s he wrestling?

Meltzer: I’ll tell you tomorrow because I actually have been told but it’s not like I don’t believe it because I know that it’s probably true. But, I can’t believe it. Put it that way. It’s so underwhelming that it’s ridiculous. And absolutely confusing and makes no sense.

Alvarez: Sounds like either Corbin or Elias.

Meltzer: Ok. It’s not Corbin. So there you go. The mentality is that he’s going to get the rub from losing to John Cena. You know that they think that way. I actually think that they’re going to come… [to their senses], somebody is going to wake up and go ‘what the hell is this?’ And it will change. But that is the match listed right now.

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