Nikki Bella Says Kayfabe Is Dead, Miz said he is better actor than The Rock

WWE Bella Twins

– has an article at this link about The Bella Twins appearing at Wizard World last week. During the Q&A, one fan asked The Bellas if they felt there were any negatives to Total Divas and whether it takes away from WWE’s regular programming. Nikki Bella replied:

“In our generation now, kayfabe is dead. And, with all the bullying in this world, if we promote this stuff [wrestling storylines] as real, what message are we sending? We have to think about the little kids watching.”

She went on to say that Total Divas is a great way to show the WWE female performers’ true sides and that they are friends behind the scenes.

– The Miz ran into TMZ while out in Hollywood Wednesday night with his wife Maryse. Miz said he’s the greatest actor in wrestling history, even better than The Rock. Below is video:

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