Paige Talks About The Rock’s Advice, Her Favorite Wrestlers, More

WWE Paige

– WWE Diva Paige is featured in the October issue of FHM Malaysia magazine. She listed Bull Nakano, Lita and Steve Austin as her favorite wrestlers growing up, saying Lita was her “style icon” and Austin is “probably my all-time favorite.”

She was asked if she has any advice for younger people who aspire to be like her. She replied:

“It definitely takes a lot of discipline and training but I would also include a lot of patience. I’ll give you a piece of advice that The Rock gave me; ”stay hungry and humble”. That advice has had a huge influence on my attitude throughout my career.”

Paige also talked about her favorite kind of match:

“I would say a Submission Match because us British wrestlers incorporate a lot of submission holds so I would love to be in a Submission Match with some like AJ who also has a good submission hold.”

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