Paul Heyman Returns to RAW, Legal Angle Set for SmackDown, Punk DVD Screening

– During tonight’s WWE RAW, David Otunga posted a Tout video stating that he and his client, Alberto Del Rio, will pursue legal action against World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus for his attack on Ricardo Rodriguez. The angle will play out on SmackDown.

– WWE will be screening the new CM Punk DVD documentary on October 7th at The Portage Theatre free for the first 1000 fans. The screening will take place from 1-3 PM with Punk in attendance.

Paul Heyman returned to WWE TV to begin associating with CM Punk at the end of tonight’s RAW. Earlier in the evening, Punk left RAW in a car but later returned at the end of the show to take out John Cena, allowing Alberto Del Rio to pin Cena in the main event. Heyman then revealed himself to be the driver of Punk’s car.

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