Possibilities For The Undertaker Return at WWE Raw 2/15/13

WWE - Undertaker Return 2013

— To all wrestling fans surprise, The Undertaker returned to the ring at SmackDown Live Event in Texas.

This shows there will be 99% possibilities for the undertaker to return at this week WWE Raw 2/15/13.

To everyone who is thinking why did taker returned at live event and not on raw? the answer is, WWE want everyone to tune into Monday night Raw on 2/15/13. This will bring them lots of views and ratings. So most probably he will return on raw this week.

CM Punk vs John Cena Match set for this week raw. If  The Undertaker return at RAW, it would be him costing CM Punk his match with John Cena (and a shot at The Rock at WrestleMania), setting up the match between Undertaker vs CM Punk at Wrestlemania 29.

— The another match which was set at last week itself was, Vince McMahon vs. Paul Heyman. It is likely going to be used as a setup for the Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar match at WrestleMania.

If Vince McMahon vs. Paul Heyman is kept as the main event for Raw 2/25/13, then i am sure that there will be involvement of Brock and Triple H. Brock Lesnar is also being advertised for 25th Feb.

So this week raw is going to be more interesting.

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