RAW 1000th Episode News: WWE Going All Out, Legends Appearing

In less than 7 weeks, WWE will mark 1,000 episodes of Monday Night RAW and a new ’3-hour Interactive RAW’ era begins. With RAW’s ratings lower than WWE and USA Network are happy with, the company plans to go all out to ensure the milestone show is a success.

As previously reported, WWE has reached out to 20-30 legends to appear on the show. Additionally, a DX reunion (featuring Shawn Michaels, Triple H and likely other members) as well as a rare television appearance from the Undertaker are expected.

WWE is especially concerned with drawing viewers to the first hour of the show. The first hour of special 3-hour RAWs typically a significantly smaller audience than RAW’s normal time slot.

WWE is already getting in the habit of conditioning fans to tune in at the start of the first hour of a 3 hour show, with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon scheduled to conduct his job performance assessment of John Laurinaitis on next week’s 3-hour show.

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