Raw : Big Show knocked out Mr. McMahon!

The WWE Universe is abuzz with speculation about what repercussions might befall Big Show following the chaotic closing scene of Raw SuperShow Monday.

In the midst of a pull apart with John Cena that wiped out several WWE security guards, Big Show inadvertently knocked out the WWE Chairman with a WMD moments after Mr. McMahon added a new twist to Show’s Steel Cage Match against John Cena at No Way Out: If Show loses the match, Laurinaitis will finally hear the boss’ infamous catchphrase, “You’re fired!”

Yet as Raw went off the air, Mr. McMahon was left motionless on the canvas, leaving very much in doubt whether he will even be able to make it to ringside Sunday, as he vowed he would. According to early reports from WWE officials in Hartford, the Chairman was being treated for concussion-like symptoms Monday night following Raw.


Mr. McMahon is being evaluated by medical personnel and treated for concussion-like symptoms due to a head injury sustained at the hands of Big Show on Raw SuperShow Monday night, WWE officials report.

The injury occurred during the show’s final moments, when The World’s Largest Athlete knocked out the WWE Chairman with a WMD that appeared to be intended for John Cena. Mr. McMahon regained consciousness moments after Raw went off the air and was assisted back to the locker room area.

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