Rey Mysterio Done With WWE Before WrestleMania 31?, Rey vs Chavo At Lucha Underground?

rey mysterio

– There have been rumors within WWE that the company is close to granting Rey Mysterio his release. The rumor goes that Rey could be free from WWE before WrestleMania 31 but it has not been confirmed.

The latest word on Mysterio’s WWE status came from The Wrestling Observer Newsletter in December and it was noted that WWE creative was supposed to come up with a storyline for Rey that would have ran from Survivor Series up to WrestleMania 31 but that was nixed for some reason. Before that, it was reported that Vince McMahon had eased up on some of Mysterio’s demands and that the company was ready to bring him back to TV.

Rey Mysterio told fans on Twitter that he would see them “soon.”

Chavo Guerrero fueled those rumors with a tweet that teases a possible Mysterio vs. Guerrero feud in the Lucha Underground promotion. Chavo wrote “soon!!” in response to a fan:

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