Rey Mysterio Says Who He’d Like To Face At WrestleMania 36

Rey Mysterio - WWE United States Champion

Rey Mysterio is currently the United States champion on WWE RAW. He recently spoke to Sportskeeda about who he would like to face at WrestleMania 36 and other dream matches he would like to have someday.

“The roster is filled with top talent but I really think that the match we had leading into me becoming United States Champion against AJ Styles – I would love to do that on a big stage. AJ vs Rey Mysterio,” Mysterio said of his dream match for WrestleMania.

He also mentioned during the interview that he is hopeful his son Dominic will wrestle next year.

“I hope that we can all get the chance to see him in 2020, and I’m just as excited as the fans to see him step into the ring.”

Mysterio would also mention during the interview that he could happily retire peacefully after wrestling a tag-team match alongside his son.

“I most definitely would love to share the ring properly with him in a Tag Team Match or a 3 vs 3, but I definitely would love to potentially share the ring with him one day. I think, after that happens, I can retire peacefully.”

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