Roman Reigns Responds to John Cena Comparisons, Comments on Ambrose & Rollins, More

WWE Roman Reigns

– The Reno Gazette-Journal recently spoke with Roman Reigns to promote his Comic Con appearance. Below are some highlights:

What happened this September in Nashville:
“I was walking back to my hotel room from the restaurant and that’s when it happened. My hernia popped out.”

Having “no offseason” in WWE:
“It’s not like we’re movie stars — we don’t just sit on the set for five months and have a trailer. It seems like a lot of glamour but … we have to rent cars, we have to rent hotels, we have four- to five-hour drives every single night, so there’s a lot of responsibility just getting to the next town and putting yourself up.”

Post-Shield success for himself, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose:
“This is what everybody needs to understand, we’re all doing awesome. I mean, we’re all in that very top ring, we’re all top competitors and we’re all the future of the WWE. For any fan to complain that one of us is doing better than the other … is just complete B.S.”

John Cena comparisons:
“Last time I checked, I’m 6’3″ 265 pounds, which is bigger than John Cena. Last time I checked, my hair is long and jet black, and last time I checked John Cena’s isn’t. I’m way better looking and I’m way more athletic than he is so for anybody to compare me to him is completely asinine.”

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