Roman Reigns Talks About Returning , The Miz Talks About Playing a Marine

– In the video above, Roman Reigns appears on Fallout from this week’s WWE Super SmackDown and talks to Renee Young about defeating Fandango in his first match since surgery. Reigns said everything felt really good in the ring and it’s good to be back.

– WWE Tag Team Champion The Miz recently spoke with Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald to promote WWE’s Tribute to the Troops. Miz commented on playing a marine in WWE Studios’ The Marine 3 & 4. Miz said he didn’t care about what movie critics said, he only cared about what those in the US Marine Corps and service thought. He said:

“It’s a tremendous amount of pressure to go into a movie and call yourself a marine, especially when you know the sacrifices every marine goes through on a day-to-day basis. So when I went to do this movie I said, ‘I want a marine there to show me how to clear a room, how to hold a gun. I wanted to do everything a marine does. Honestly, I’m not going to war. I’m filming a movie. These guys are the true heroes…So from the feedback I’ve gotten, most people really enjoyed the movie. That’s enough for me.”

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