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Ryback Says He Hopes Matt Hardy Winds Up In AEW


Former WWE Superstar and host of the Conversation With The Big Guy podcast Ryback recently discussed the situation regarding Matt Hardy.

Matt Hardy recently left WWE after his contract with the company finished. With the ‘Free The Delete‘ YouTube series Hardy has been teasing his next destination in the wrestling world.

The overwhelming belief is that Hardy will eventually end up in AEW; with The Young Bucks having appeared in a recent episode of Hardy’s online series.

Matt Hardy Going To AEW?

Ryback says he hopes Matt Hardy winds up in All Elite Wrestling, but expects him to enjoy a little ‘down time’ following his release from WWE.

“I had a little interaction with him, maybe four or five weeks ago” Ryback began. “He’s been in that system for so long. I think we all know how it works. And think it was just let the contract run out, and he’ll probably enjoy a little downtime. After you know, being there for the last few years. I would hope he goes to AEW personally, because I think a guy like that? You want their work; not just for himself, but to be working with the younger guys and instilling some of that psychology. Because he [Matt Hardy] does have good psychology.”

Potential Run on the Independent Scene

Ryback would elaborate further, describing how beneficial Matt Hardy could be to the AEW brand. “He’s very creative, and I think he’s gonna he’ll be very beneficial to that AEW roster…if he can get there eventually. I wouldn’t be shocked if he did a little run on the Indies again though, just because.”

He continued, “I mean you can clean up as far as financially [working the independent scene]. It’s very laid back and it’s very enjoyable there when you first leave WWE as far as what that money that is offered on the table. It’s great and he, he will be able to probably have a nice run with that if you want and then go to AEW or just jump right in one day a week anyways. He may just be ready to go, So, I hope he’s at AEW at end of the day.”




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