Samoa Joe on Possibly Facing The Undertaker, Working with AJ Styles

Samoa Joe, who is currently serving a 30-day suspension for his first violation of the WWE Wellness Policy, recently spoke with SportBible and said he would like to face The Undertaker.

Joe said certain things he appreciates about Taker’s work are much more on display these days.

“Absolutely,” Joe said when asked if he would like to face Taker before The Dead Man retires. “You know, I think the things that especially now that I appreciate about ‘Taker’s work are much more on display now than they probably ever have been. And yeah, I would be down to get down with ‘Taker, whether it would be now or whenever in the future.”

Joe also discussed being in WWE with AJ Styles, who he had a rivalry with in TNA. Joe said it was no surprise to see he and AJ together in WWE.

“Oh, it was great [to have the rivalry in WWE],” Joe said. “I mean, any time you get in the ring with AJ — any time I have throughout my career — usually great things happen. And it’s a testament to him and his ability. It was nothing new for us, we knew it was bound to happen, we’ve kind of been intertwined throughout the breadth of our careers, so us managing to see each other across the ring was no surprise [laughs].”

The Undertaker vs. Styles is expected for WrestleMania 36 this year. Joe will be able to return to the ring during the last week of this month.

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