Seth Rollins Says Randy Orton Has Been Jealous of Him

Seth Rollins

– Seth Rollins recently spoke with The Sun in the UK and had the following to say about Randy Orton:

“Randy and I are colleagues for sure, but we were never friends as far as hanging out.

Randy’s got his life, I’ve got my life – we were business partners when it made sense. But now it doesn’t make sense any more so we’re at odds again.

And if you look at the way things were when we first came in as The Shield, he didn’t like us very much then so it is one of those things where I think he has always harboured a little professional jealousy when it comes to myself.

Maybe he’s a little afraid that some of the young guys are going to come in and steal some of his thunder.

An incredible performer and a sure-fire first ballot Hall of Famer – but he’s had his time and I think he may be a little afraid to admit that.”

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