Seth Rollins Shoots Down Rumor That The Curb Stomp Is Banned In WWE Again

Seth Rollins

It appears that a rumor started to make the rounds today indicating that Seth Rollins’ Curb Stomp finisher was once again banned by WWE. The move had previously been banned before but was reinstated in 2017. A writer at WrestlingNewsSource took to Twitter and reported that someone confirmed to him the move had, in fact, been banned by WWE once again.

However, Rollins responded to the Tweet and flat out denied it:

Speculation about the move’s status begun after Rollins failed to nail Dolph Ziggler with it a few times on Monday Night RAW last night. However, Rollins eventually hit Ziggler with the Falcon Arrow for the win. Per Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live, the reason Rollins won with the Falcon Arrow and not the Curb Stomp is because WWE really wants to get the move over.

Alvarez noted Rollins does the move in nearly every match and people go crazy for it, but it never wins him bouts. Now, the fact that the move can actually finish matches will make it a hotter near-fall. So, it looks like – for now – the Curb Stomp is safe and will continue to be used by “The Architect.”

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