Shawn Michaels Talks His Bad Behavior The 1990s, How He Would Handle A Trouble Talent

Shawn Michaels

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels recently spoke with Inside the Ropes about a number of different subjects, including the Heartbreak Kid’s infamous behavior in the 1990s that garnered him the reputation as a bad boy. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says if a talent acted the way he did he would suggest to let them go:

I don’t know. I don’t think I’d deal with them and I’d probably suggest that we let him go, he’s going to be nothing but trouble, no matter how talented he is. Either that or get him help. Honestly, that would be the biggest thing. Especially, as I look at it, I think to myself, ‘Well, I… I was good at my job.

Says if they don’t release the talent they should assure he gets help:

So when you see that kind of ability and they’re young, and they are just angry at everything, and obviously have a problem – as opposed to getting rid of them, the first thing you probably should be doing is helping them. So, the more that I think about it, I think to myself that, again, ‘ We should try to at least help him because the young man is going to end up hurting himself someday,’ or he’s going to be one of those wrestling tragedies that we hear about. So I think if he had all the drug issues and things like that, that I had, that’d be the first step. If it was just an attitude thing and there were no other circumstances, that’s when sometimes it may not matter how good he is, he’s probably more trouble than he’s worth.

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