Sheamus on Why He Would Want a Match with Justin Bieber

– WWE United States Champion Sheamus recently spoke with while in Dubai doing promotional work for WWE. Sheamus commented on being bullied when he was younger:

“I faced a tough period in school because of my height and weight but I was lucky enough to have dealt with it successfully. I’m aware there are people who weren’t that lucky and they suffer from severe depression. It’s important for people to know that bullying isn’t cool and it’s important that kids come together and say this is not going to be tolerated as there’s strength in numbers.”

He also revealed which celebrity he would like to face in the ring:

“That’s easy: Justin Bieber! I gave him an award last time and that picture comes back to haunt me all the time, it’s the way he carries himself around – he’s just a big muppet, even if he’s 4 foot 2 he still needs to be taken down!”

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