Someone is Coming Back on January 2, Jericho Says It Isn’t Him

– ON January 2, 2012 there will be a ‘familiar force’ coming back to the WWE to ‘claim what is rightfully his’. They released the following video earlier this week and it already has over 250,000 hits onYouTube.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”HxGkXIphAHw”]

Several fans have pointed out that It Begins is an anagram of ‘I Be Sting’, but that’s likely a combination of coincidence and wishful thinking. Other attempts at decoding the video have Chris Jericho’s 3-letter nickname, Y2J as Year/2/January.

Interestingly the latest rumors have Jericho as a strong favorite, but Jericho has moved to deny any involvement with the video. After saying he will be in Hawaii on January 2, 2012, Chris Jericho once again told fans it’s nothing to do with him by tweeting the following: “Sorry guys…the only rumors worth listening to have Stevie Nicks on vocals.”

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