WWE SmackDown

*SPOILERS* WWE SmackDown 6/8/12

WWE SmackDown spoilers from Tuesday’s tapings in Greenville, South Carolina:

* Alberto Del Rio opens with a recap of his attack on Sheamus on Raw. Sheamus’s music hits, but it’s Rodriguez dressed up like Sheamus, including bright white tights and shirt to emulate Sheamus’s skin. Rodriguez does a hilarious imitation of Sheamus as Del Rio interviews him. Sheamus comes out and the two fight up the ramp. Teddy Long appears and books Sheamus vs. Kane and Del Rio vs. Khali.

* Alberto Del Rio defeated The Great Khali via submission.

* Baskstage, Naomi and Cameron dance for Teddy Long, and then Brodus Clay shows up. Long tells him that he is now permanently on Smackdown. Clay gets serious and says that he will treat his opponent tonight as if he is Big Show.

* Brodus Clay defeated Derrick Bateman in a squash match.

* Sin Cara defeated Drew McIntyre.

* McIntyre cut a promo demanding that an authority figure come out and explain why he isn’t in the main event status. Triple H came out, hit a Pedigree, and left again.

* Ryback defeated two local wrestlers.

* Cody Rhodes comes out and destroys the Peep Show setup. He cut a promo talking about Christian, until Christian made his way out. Rhodes reminded everyone that Christian used to be a heel and says that no one is buying it. Christian finally explains his turn, and says that when he inducted Edge into the HOF, he had a moment of clarity and realized that he wants to be remembered for being a winner of championships, not someone who always whined for “one more match.” Dolph Ziggler interrupted for his match with Christian.

* Christian defeated Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match.

* Michael Cole cut a promo telling people to “move on” past the mess from Monday. Hornswoggle came out dressed up as JR. He bantered with Cole. Damien Sandow came out and verbally eviscerated Hornswoggle. Tyson Kidd saves Hornswoggle, and Sandow leaves the ring. As Kidd and Hornswoggle celebrate, Sandow sneaks back in and beats up Kidd, hitting his neckbreaker finisher.

* Backstage, Striker interviews Kane. Striker asks about the look between Kane and A.J. on Raw, and Kane ignores it and stomps off. A.J. then appears from behind some crates.

* Antonio Cesaro (w/Aksana) defeated Jimmy Uso.

* Sheamus defeated Kane via DQ. AJ stared down Kane from the ramp after the match to close the show.

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