*SPOILERS* WWE SmackDown 7/20/12

WWE SmackDown Results

SmackDown, Airing Friday:

* Michael Cole comes out to a new theme song. Booker T and Lilian Garcia also come out to nice pops. They recap Sheamus defeating Alberto Del Rio at Money in the Bank. Sheamus will be in action tonight.

* Rey Mysterio kicks off SmackDown to a big pop. He talks about coming back in his hometown and talks about Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio comes out with Ricardo Rodriguez and they argue. Dolph Ziggler interrupts this and declares he will be crowned the next World Heavyweight Champion. Ziggler has words with Del Rio about getting in the way at Money in the Bank. Mysterio suggests a match between the two tonight but out comes Sheamus. Sheamus offends Rey Mysterio and they get into it. Rey goes for 619 on Ziggler but Vickie Guerrero gets in the way. A tag match is set for later tonight.

* Darren Young, Titus O’Neil, Hunico and Camacho defeated Primo, Epico, R-Truth and Kofi Kingston when Young got the pin on Primo.

* Big Show came out after the tag match and destroyed everyone with knockout punches and chokeslams. He’s on a mission to destroy the WWE tag team division.

* Sheamus and Mysterio vs. Del Rio and Ziggler is made official for the main event.

* Damien Sandow defeated Zack Ryder after cutting a promo against the fans.

* Christian comes out for the Peep Show. He shows the wedding stuff from RAW with AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan. Out they come together. We see footage of them planning the wedding. Christian asks if they are really in love and Bryan says it’s true love. He gets the crowd to chant yes. Christian also gets the crowd to chant yes and no. Christian announces that one of AJ’s exes wants a match.

* Kane defeated Daniel Bryan by DQ when AJ interfered. AJ teased kissing Kane after the match but didn’t. She left with Bryan chanting yes and they kissed on the ramp.

* Heath Slater comes out and is interrupted by Road Warrior Animal.

* Road Warrior Animal defeated Heath Slater.

* Backstage comedy segment with Ricardo and Vickie.

* Heath Slater is still in the ring and he’s upset about the Legends. He issues an open challenge and it’s answered by Triple H. He hits Slater with a Pedigree to end the off-camera segment.

* Rey Mysterio and Sheamus beat Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio by DQ when Ricardo interferes. Del Rio attacked Sheamus after the bell and put him in the armbreaker. Ziggler goes to cash in his MITB briefcase but Mysterio stops him. Sheamus knocks Ziggler out with a Brogue Kick and looks at Mysterio to end the show.

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