Steve Austin Explains Why Brock Lesnar Is “The Guy”

WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin believes that Brock Lesnar is “the guy” in WWE. 

Speaking on the State of Combat podcast, Austin was asked to name who he believes is the best wrestler of the past decade. He pointed to Lesnar’s impact and “it factor” as two contributing factors adding to his decision.

“With Brock, you can say ‘part-time’ or this or whatever, but when Brock goes to the ring, I still get a sense of danger or I sense that I don’t really know what he is going to do,” Austin said. “How often does he go to Suplex City? How bad did he really hurt somebody? What’s he going to do to this opponent or what is he going to do to dismantle him?”

He continued, “Brock Lesnar creates more questions in my mind than anybody else who has walked into the ring for the last 10 years, no question in my mind. Cena is up there with the top of the top, but moving past that, Brock Lesnar, when he walks into an arena or steps into an Octagon, you always wonder what’s going to happen with that guy. He might not be around as much as many people would like, but as far as impact and pure ‘I have to watch this match’ factor, it’s hard to say a guy other than him.”

Austin’s new show, The Broken Skull Sessions, premieres this Sunday on the WWE Network. 

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