Steve Austin Talks About Leaving WWE, Possible Return & More

stone cold steve austin

– WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin took part in an “Ask Me Anything” chat on Reddit today.

Here are a few highlights:

If he has any regrets:“i wish i had not walked out of the company when i did…bad decision.”

How much longer he would have continued wrestling if he had not gotten injured:“maybe another 5-6 years…”

Possibility of a WWE return:“don’t know about a return to WWE in the near future, i’m booked solid for a pretty long stretch.”

His relationship with The Rock and if they keep in touch:“the rock and i will always be friends. text msg here or there.”

His relationship with Eric Bischoff when he returned in 2003:“eric and i are totally cool. hes a hard working cat and always on the move. loved our chemistry as co gms.”

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