Steve Austin to Ask Vince McMahon About CM Punk at Tonight’s Live Podcast?

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– WWE’s website has a new interview with Steve Austin to promote tonight’s live podcast with Vince McMahon on the WWE Network after RAW goes off the air.


The full interview can be read at this link. Austin commented on how podcasting is different than working the microphone in WWE:

“Interviewing somebody is a lot different than being handed a stick in a 20,000-seat arena and trying to sell tickets. You’re very green when you start. I’m still learning things to this day. I’m decent at interviews now, but man, getting people to buy tickets is the easiest thing in the world for me. We’ve already set the hook, so I’m on cruise control. For the openings of my show, I’m sitting at my house with a Zoom H4n Recorder and a Shure microphone and I stop and start up to 15 or 70 or more times, because I didn’t feel like the material was good enough. What I love about podcasting is it’s guerilla radio. I don’t have to stick to anybody’s protocol or format. I can operate my show just like I want to, but at the end of the day, it’s just a can of audio whoopa**. My show is built to entertain.”

Austin was also asked the one thing he wants Vince to have to answer tonight. He replied:

“Nothing is off limits. There’s a line that I won’t cross, but that’s for my standards — nothing that WWE has told me. There are many things I’d like to ask him. I’d like to know what’s going on with CM Punk. I’d like to know how Daniel Bryan’s health is. I’d like to know whose idea it was in Atlanta [that made me] take my ball and go home in 2002. I reacted the worst way possible, but I want to know who came up with that masterpiece of an idea. Guys like me come along very seldom in the wrestling business. You can count ’em on a couple of fingers.”

Below is promo video:

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