Steve Austin Vs CM Punk , And Brock Lesnar Rumored For WrestleMania 29

WrestleMania 28 is just days away – but it appears a blockbuster dream match is already taking shape for next year’s big event.

WWE Champion CM Punk sent a tweet to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on Monday night that simply stated, “29, son” – presumably an indication that Punk is looking to wrestle Austin at WrestleMania 29.

Austin, not one to back down from a challenge, responded with:

“Just worry about 28. If the stars all line up I always have a big can of Whoop Ass ready to take to NYC. #rogerthat“

Austin and Punk have exchanged messages on Twitter for months, both expressing interest in a match with one another. Austin has stated in multiple interviews that he has one more match left in him – and if he could wrestle anybody, it would likely be CM Punk.

– Brock Lesnar is rumored to be interested in wrestling at next year’s WrestleMania 29 against either The Undertaker or Steve Austin.

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